07 February 2011

Travelling (Part 1)

so no post for January... Sorry!  Here's some things that you missed:

Little D is not so little anymore - he turned one at the end of December!  It has been an amazing journey and my partner and I congratulated ourselves on a job well done.  Not that it's done, by any means. 
The first Christmas - also known as "how many times can I get mom to carry me to the tree so I can bat at the ornaments?"  He also loved the toys and a visit from his cousins (3.5 and 1.8 y.o. girls), aunt and grandparents.
Another trip to L.A. and the Indio dessert area to visit family - such a beautiful area.  He loved swimming in the pools. 

I've wanted to write for a while about traveling with  your child. Maybe later in the month.
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Things are good for now.  Let me know how it is for you and your baby adventures.